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CEO’s MessageNo.1 firm.Good firm.Happy working staffs. MetaNetworks.

as the “Hidden Champion of IT and Healthcare sector”,
will make into First Company/Good Company/
Happy Employees considering human and environment
by creating new market through the convergence of
ICT&Healthcare technologies.

For this, Metanetworks will push forward a business focusing on the following three management assignments.

Firstly, it is the Smart IT-Network business. Metanetworks will construct IT Solution business that is communication network based on the core technologies involved in network &defense business and encompasses energy saving business, medical devices, Security, national defense.

Secondly, it is the Smart terminal equipment business. We will become the IT leader of security/transportation market with high-technology development including biometric technology, RFID based on digital door lock, black box and navigation manufacturing techniques.

Thirdly, it is the Smart defense business. We will strengthen the basis for national defense with localization of electronic devices of the army, navy and air force

Meta Networks, a happy company ever, will strive to become a company that exists for life convenience and healthy for people. We will enhance our competitiveness through endless efforts.

Thank you very much.

CEO SeokSong Oh