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This is an international standard electronic exchanger for the construction of IT network which can be used flexibly for every exchange function of PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) including local, local/tandem, and toll exchanger and various networks including ISDN, TMN (Telecommunication Management Network) and AIN(Advanced Intelligent Network).

TDX-10A can be used for local, local/tandem and toll switches in PSTN(Public Switched Telephony Network). Ultimately, TDX-10A will be developed to IN (Intelligent-Network) and PLMN(Public Land Mobile Network)-switches as well as PSTN and ISDN switches.

TDX-100 has been developed as an integrated super node exchange to meet various service needs before advanced switching systems are developed thus to create international competitive power in TD exchanges along with the international trends of opening the telecommunications market and innovations in technologies.

ODEX-100 switching system can be used as all level of exchanges in PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network), such as local,local/tandem and toll exchange. ODEX-100 is an integrated exchange that supports the function of ISDN basic/primary group access (2B+D/23B+D, 30B+D access) and common control signaling system (CCS NO7).

HDX-2000 is a large capacity digital switching system accommodating 200,000 voice subscribers and 30,000 trunks. HDX-2000 provides AIN, FR and built-in IP functions as well as PSTN, ISDN, packet services and Centrex services. Based upon new V5.2 protocol, HDX-2000 provides the interfaces with WLL and FLC-D. As sub-systems, HDX-2000 provides ASS, INS, CCS, RASM and SRASM.

MNL light
Our LED Iight (Metanetworks LED) is using AC Direct IC without SMPS so that it realizes a reasonable price and its miniaturization. It is our innovative electric lighting energy saving and eco-friendly light product. Also, electric heat sinker of our factory LED light is effective and durable. And also it has a dimming Control Function that can control brightness.