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Sonobuoy A sonobuoy is a device which is dropped into the ocean from ASW aircraft and used to gather acoustic data to detect anti-submarines.

Battery Assembly
Battery Assembly It is Battery Assembly for Sonar equipment's transducer (AN/AQS-18V) of LYNX aircraft which is supplying of electric power for a large output signal sender and receiver.

Headset-Microphone, Adapter
These are attached to communication channels of F-4D/E aircraft for conference calling among flight attendances.

Control Radio Set
It is remote control console that remotes AN/GRC-171(V) communication equipment for warships

Switch Assembly
It is power supply unit that provides Nose' Landing Gear Steering and Contol Valve with 28V DC, attached Control Stick Grip of F-5A/B/E aircraft

Magnetic Indicator
Indicator, Symbol Display Type (Magnetic Indicator) It is an indicator that uses for fuel setting valve and night indicator.

Radar Power Supply
It is PP-8355 power supply that provides the front and back of power seperately with one unit for AN/APS-137(V) of P-3C aircraft

Comm Switching Matrix
It is a remote control console that remotes of every kind signal equipment for P-3C aircraft.

Voltage Regulator
it is an unit that keeps constant voltage for Single Generator System of ALT-III aircraft.

Lynx Clock
It is an aircraft clock that displays a second hand, a minute hand and an hour hand for LYNX aircraft.

Force Controller
It is a force controller that controls all unit by being supplied prevailing voltage.

Module Servo Store
It is Module Servo Store that uses for Automatic Flight Control System of LYNX aircraft.