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HistoryNo.1 firm.Good firm.Happy working staffs.

2012. 12Succeeded in domestically development complete Sonobuoy
2012. 09Localization of Power Supply for Active Sonar System
2012. 07Industry-Academy MOU with Hanyang University
2012. 06Appointed the new CEO of VEGATECH (Hyun-bok Cho)
2012. 05Approval for production of Sonobuoy (AN/SSQ-53D) for Navy
2012. 05Made acquisitions by the META BIOMED
2012. 01Developed NMU(Needle Melting Unit) and applied for a patent
2011. 112nd sonobuoy field test is in process
2011. 06Digital door lock KS 인증(보조키)
2011. 04Korean standards certificatation acheived for digital door locks                            (models designed without handles) (AXE-10, TDX-10A, TDX-100)
2011. 03.Korean standards certificatation acheived for digital door locks
                           (models designed without handles)
2011. 011st sonobuoy field test complited
2010. 11Signed a contract for digital door lock oem production
2010. 06Sonobuoy development test accomplished
2010. 05Functional improvement of full electronic exchanger
2010. 05- Functional improvement of mutual contract route payment
2010. 05- Functional improvement of alert message output
2010. 04Signed a contract for digital switching system’s technical support
                           (AXE-10, TDX-10A, TDX-100)

2009. 06Signed a contract for axe-10 technical support with korean telecom
2009. 05Signed a contract for
2009. 04Signed a contract for engineering development for tdx-10
                           (electronic exchanger)
2009. 04Signed a contract of “2009 ktf stp maintenece outsourcing”
                            with alcatel-lucent korea
2008. 12INNO-BIZ certificate extended (2008.12.07 ~ 2011.12.06)
2008. 10Aproval of purchasing data package and technical support related to
                           ;maintenence with raytheon company
2008. 07Received technical support proposal from Raytheon
2008. 06Signed the contract for facilities repairing and maintenance with
                            korean telecom
2008. 04Consult of domestic maintenance between Raytheon Rader and Vegatech
2007. 12signed M.O.U for its engineering support with korean telecom
2007. 11Complition of developing hd settop boxes
2007. 07Approval acheived for developing an/ssq-53d(sonobuoy) by korean ministry
                           of national defence
2007. 06Complition of developing localised f-4-d headset adapter and
                           software assay
2007. 04Technical development agreement of improvement of TDX-10A electronic
                           exchanger (KT)
2007. 03Complition of developing localised magnetic indicator for the lynx
                            (korean navy aircraft)
2006. 12METANEWORKS signed a contract for enhancement of KT TDX Switching
2006. 12METANEWORKS participated in ANGA CABLE SHOW 2007 Koln, Germany
2006. 04METANEWORKS participated in ANGA CABLE SHOW 2007 Koln, Germany
2005. 12Opening for Bangladesh Telecom Morernization
2005. 12Acquired INNO-BIZ certification
2005. 11enture company certification(New Techlogy company)
2004. 11Funding(\2,457Million)
2004. 04Registrated information communication install business
2004. 04Joined in Bangladesh Telecom Modernization
2004. 02SETTOP BOX production (60,000 ea/month)
2003. 11Funding(\1,600Million)
2003. 11Merged information & Telecommunication, Hanwha Co.
2003. 05Funding(\258Million))
2003. 02Double power supply for signal patented / patent (registration)
                           no.: 20-0315021-00-00
2002. 10KSA 9001:2001 / ISO 9001:2000 acquired
2002. 06Acquired the certification of CLEAN office
                           (Korea industrial safety organization)
2002. 05Succeed the performance test of PDR(1200A) conducted by KT
2001. 12METANEWORKS localized power supply for the Naval applications
                           in ROK navy
2001. 11METANEWORKS developed and mass produced Rectifier system for KT
2001. 11METANEWORKS merged P&C R&D Center
2001. 10KSA9001:1998 / ISO9001:1994 acquired
2001. 09Certification of secured supply of military equipment acquired
2001. 08UPS for weather system was developed and produced
2001. 07Power supply for automatic weather system was developed
2001. 06IDP for KT ADSL ware developed and produced
2001. 04Military Business Division was launched.
2001. 01Rectifier system for KT application ware produced
2000. 10METANEWORKS founded in Sungnam-city, Kyungki-province
                           (Funding \100Millions)

1996 1996 Acquire FTT0(FLC-D) supply order from KT and Hanaro Communication
1996 CDMA PCS phone launch in Korean market
1996 Export switchboard system
1996 Supply ATM core switch to KT
1996 Export CDMA Mobile Phone
1996 Supply FTTC equipment to KT
1996 Supply B-WLL equipment to DACOM
1992 Digital door lock OEM production agreement contract
1992 Incorporated to Hanhwa Group
1992 Participate in HAN/B-ISDN Project
1986 Develop IMT-2000 pilot system for KT
1983 Establish joint-venture (OPC & LME, capital 50:50)
1983 Production and supply of AXE-10 agriculture and fishing village electronic                       switchboard
1983 Begin joint- development of TDX with ETRI&KT